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Vivint Security Monitor in Bloomington
September 23, 2021

Can I use a security camera as a baby monitor in Bloomington?

Can I use a security camera as a baby monitor in Bloomington?

In the process of assembling the nursery, you built the crib, covered the walls with a delicate, lighter hue, and created a fully-stocked diaper-changing area. You’re now ready to figure out the way you intend to watch over your precious one. You could go with the standard monitoring choice that gives you the ability to supervise on a separate listening device, or you could improve your technology and get high-definition video, two-direction communications, and instant activation through motion detection.

The high-tech version is equivalent to the video surveillance incorporated in a modern home security package, but should you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Bloomington? 

What features do you need in a baby monitor in Bloomington?

In the olden days, a baby monitor was really straightforward. You install a microphone-type device in close proximity to your child’s bed, which transmits an audio feed to a receiver that looks like a walkie talkie. However, baby monitors now have more options. For example, many monitors now include HD video and two-way talk. You may even connect your monitors to your wireless network so you may wander wherever you want. The top baby monitors in Bloomington are so elaborate that they mimic indoor security cameras in both features and price.

Would you switch baby monitor with an integrated surveillance system?

Since baby monitors and indoor security cameras share comparable functionality, there are many people in Bloomington linking their nursery to their comprehensive home security package. This approach is beneficial -- especially when using to innovative Vivint systems -- as your baby monitor now has:

HD video with low-light capability: Your surveillance system should include 1080p high-definition imaging, and infrared functionality for night vision.

2-way communications: You won’t always have to go to the nursery to soothe your child back to sleep. Your reassuring words might be the only requirement to keep your little one peaceful and resting.

Motion activation: Even though it’s an option to have your camera stay on constantly to watch your baby sleep, your attentiveness could diminish over time. Conversely, if your camera identifies unusual activity, then you can get a text alert to your smartphone. You will appreciate this if your child soundlessly scales out of the crib or when your family dog noses into the space.

Recording capabilities: Many baby monitors aren’t able to save video footage. You can now transmit a 20-second clip to a relative or family friend to show them what a peaceful, precious baby you have.

Smartphone access: As an alternative to having to lug an external monitor wherever you go, you can view your child from your home security app. You might even say hello to your young one and babysitter if you’re lucky enough to have a night out.

Your security camera baby monitor is part of your smart home installation

The nice thing about using a security camera as a baby monitor in Bloomington is that you can connect it to your additional smart home components. As an illustration, if you notice that your baby is struggling to sleep, you are able to adjust your smart thermostat from your smartphone app to make it more comfortable. Or when they awaken for a late-night snack, you can increase the brightness of the space’s smart lights to show that you're on your way. If you by chance have multiple babies in different rooms, you could supply each one an indoor security camera and monitor the feeds in a single cell phone application.

An indoor security camera in Bloomington is included in your comprehensive home defense plan

Whether you want a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or just want one for your residential protection, get started by contacting Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint specialist will guide you through all the possibilities and help you get the ideal security plan for your unique needs. Place a call to (812) 200-5695 or submit the form on this page.